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Class Actions

Some of our current class action cases or investigations include: 

  •  Samsung Refrigerator nationwide class action lawsuit, Smith v Samsung Electronics, Case #5-12-cv-15509,U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Michigan. Allegations include that new refrigerators equipped with defective parts preventing proper function of drainage of excess condensation resulting in accumulation of water inside food storage compartment;

  • iPhone & Blackberry  wireless subscribers with internet access plans charged illegal sales tax  by AT&T;
  • Galeos "LowFat" Miso Ceaser Salad Dressing  Our investigation shows each serving has over 6gms fat, far more than the label representation of 1gm. This deceives consumers into paying for a supposedly "low fat" product where the product in the bottle is not the same as the product described on the label;
  • Kroger Pet Food Recall--recall of contaminated pet food for Aflotoxin contamination. If you have purchased and used one of the listed products  and wish to discuss participation in a consumer class action, please contact us (see affected product list set forth under our website tab entitled "Kroger Pet Food Recall").

  • Levine, et al v American Psychological Association,   U.S. District Court of District of Columbia, Case No: 10-01780--Class action lawsuit on behalf of members of American Psychological Association for restitution of fraudulent special assessments charged by professional association.
  • Auto extended warranty Vehicle Service Contracts--shorting cancellation refunds by hundreds of dollars. These contracts sold to owners of used vehicles often provide very poor coverage for mechanical problems. When consumers discover this they often exercise their right to cancel and receive a pro rated refund, but the providers have been shorting these refunds by hundreds of dollars for alleged "interest' charges or "marketing"fees". Some of the providers go under the following names:

                Dealers Warranty,
U.S. Fidelis,
Warranty America,
Warranty Finance

  • Dell Laptops--new laptops with refurbished hard drives. Consumers have reported that new Dell laptops came factory equipped with refurbished hard drive. When consumers opened up back panel and popped out hard drive the DPN number printed on the hard drive was for a refurbished hard drive rather than a new hard drive;
  • HP LAPTOP FAILURE--Many consumers have complained that certain HP laptops have experienced overheating and power cord failures, and in some cases possible danger of fire. The  HP Pavilion laptops include the following series: dv, zd, ze, zt, zv and zx.

  • T.V. Early Termination Fees--investigating claims that satellite and cable providers charge unfair fixed early termination fees 
    • defective or dangerous consumer products;
    • improper fees for consumer services;
    • dangerous weight loss supplements;
    • phony dietary products
  • We have many years of experience investigating and pursuing  a variety of consumer class actions, including  automobile defects, dangerous dietary supplements, and phony product claims. These are usually claims which do not involve enough money individually to justify legal action, but which may be pursued if done as a class action where one or two or three victims act as representatives for thousands or millions of similar victims. Some of our successful class actions have concerned :

    If you have been the victim of a defective product or consumer scam which you think has also harmed a large number of other consumers it may be grounds to pursue a class action. Please contact us to discuss the matter free of charge.

    Ask for Mark Baumkel, the attorney in charge of our injury and consumer division. Most of our cases are filed as the result of consumers and injury victims reporting problems. There is no obligation. We respond to all questions and comments; and, if we cannot help, we will try to point you to someone who can.

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    Please send us an e-mail, write or call, to explain your problem or to question us without charge or obligation.

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